Wednesday, 25 July, 2007

Curiously Strong Brand Identity

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The other day, I was compelled to pick up a couple tins of the Original Celebrated Altoids, the Curiously Strong peppermints that have been an almost constant fixture in my house since I was a lad. I can easily remember the first time I popped three of the little lozenges into my eagerly waiting gob, and thought my head would leave my neck, and rocket into orbit from the rsulting blast of curiously strong peppermint multiplied by three. Lesson learned. Even a single Altoid was intense enough to make the senses take serious notice. Peppermint isn’t a match for capsaicin for a pure incendiary wallop, but it freshens the mouth, settles an upset stomach, and can be pleasantly refreshing. Altoids did their job with aplomb, if not a bomb. Read the rest of this entry »


Thursday, 7 June, 2007

Guerrilla Sales

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It’s been quite a while since my last entry. It’s not that I’ve had nothing to say, though there have been many days when I felt that to be the case. It’s not that I’m really that lazy, or just couldn’t bring myself to overcome inertia long enough to tap out a few hundred words. It’s not that I’ve been so damn busy I haven’t had the time. It’s probably just that nothing has inspired me to write, at least here. Until today. There’s nothing like a good ire-in-the-making to get the juices flowing with enough force to move the mind and the fingers to tap-tap-tapping. Read the rest of this entry »

Wednesday, 16 August, 2006

I’m On Hold

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Seriously. I’m on hold with Amerion for what I hope is the last time, waiting for someone from my soon to be ex- Internet “Service” Provider to answer. It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve finally reached my threshold, and it’s time to take action.

It started last week, when I got a phone call from a friend who told me he’d tried to send an email, and it bounced. I asked if he’d received the mail I’d sent him a couple days earlier. He hadn’t. The wheels began to turn. His was not the first call. I’ve lost more email than I’ll ever know, and outbound messages have gone missing, likely with equal, though unknown frequency. This has gone on long enough. Read the rest of this entry »

Friday, 4 August, 2006

The Reviewer and the Critic

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When you put yourself in front of the public eye, poised to be subjected to its scrutiny, if you’re going to survive the ordeal, you develop a thick skin and learn to take the knocks that come with the exposure. The occasional attacks come with the territory, and I can generally take it in stride. Once in a while, though, something just rubs the wrong way. That’s when a good rant does the soul some good. Read the rest of this entry »