Tuesday, 12 September, 2006

Morning Coffee

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The Big Cup

I cherish the morning coffee. I can easily recall delightful childhood memories of the wonderful aromas of brewing cofee drifting through the house on the weekends, and coffee has been part of my life throughout the years. Most days, I can’t even imagine starting off without it. Hot and black, freshly brewed in the French press, a milky, soft café au lait, or a wonderfully rich, thick espresso based caffè latte, some sort of cofee is destined to be my perennial accompaniment to the day’s beginning. I’m not quite addicted; it’s not the caffeine that drives me, but the ritual. There’s something about the grinding of the beans, the brewing of the liquor, the preparation of the milk, the creation of the perfect cup that seems more important even than the drinking of the resulting beverage. It’s an unhurried, careful process that gives a moment’s pause before the too-often hurried hours that will follow. It’s a meditation. Read the rest of this entry »


Tuesday, 18 July, 2006

Formula for a Great Bike Ride

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It’s really quite simple. Get out on the bike, and ride. No distance is too long or too short, just be sure to work a little, get good and sweaty and breathe hard. Get that heart pumping and clear those lungs out. Ten miles is a good start. Go into the hills, or stay on flat surfaces. On roads, on trails, or gonzo single-tracking in serious dirt – it makes no difference. Have fun.

When you return home, while you’re cooling off, brew a small French press of strong coffee. Today, it’s a wonderful Nicaraguan medium dark roast that I picked up at Trader Joe’s, of all places. (It’s surprisingly good. At least, this batch is. I have no idea how consistent their coffees are.) Put two or three scoops of vanilla ice cream in a pint glass (a proper Imperial pint glass if you have one, though the stingy 16-oz colonial version will do in a pinch), and add some ice. Pour the coffee over the top, and stir until it’s cold, cold, cold. Add more ice if necessary, and milk if desired.

Grab a great small cigar – this one is a Hoyo de Monterrey Margarita, a little 5.3″ x 28 beauty that’s been gracefully aging in my humidor for several years – I bought a couple hundred on some ridiculously cheap price when they were changing packaging. Light up, sit back, sip iced coffee and enjoy.

See? I told you it was simple.