Wednesday, 19 July, 2006

George Bush Says … Stuff

Posted in Politics at 10:15 am by glpease

Sometimes, I’m amazed by what is considered newsworthy by the pandering press. The president says a naughty word, and it’s all over the wires. I heard about it on the radio, read about it in the papers, and would probably see it on the tele, if I could bring myself too rot my few remaining brain cells by switching it on. What’s the big deal? He thought he was off mic, and he expressed his frustration in a rather human way. Is this really news?

“The irony is, what they really need to do is to get Syria to get Hezbollah to stop doing this shit, and it’s over.”

Big deal. I mean, c’mon, people. The Middle East is ablaze, chaos reigns, Korean missiles are frightening the fish, and people are getting all het up just because the prez said a bad word when he thought he was off mic. It’s certainly not the first time s^%t has come out of the mouth of G. W. Good thing he’s not a Democrat, or the world would be coming to an end at this very moment.

There’s a much deeper issue that has gone unnoticed, or at least unaddressed by the meat puppets. Mr. Bush, sir, the real irony is that the press doesn’t seem even slightly concerned that you apparently don’t know what irony is. Perhaps they don’t, either. But, the talking heads with their perfectly engineered hair have greater issues to be concerned over than the misappropriation of a perfectly good word. They’ve got a little semi-profane interjection to spark a great media-borne language controversy. It’s brilliant. I don’t care anymore about what’s going on in the Middle-East. I can spend the rest of the day worrying only about what other potty-talk might issue from the flapping jaws of the world’s political leaders.

The absurdity is quite far-reaching. Read this, Dorothy. We’re not in Kansas, anymore. Or, are we? The true dramatic irony in this ridiculous theatre of the ludicrous is that if Bush’s remark had managed to navigate its way to a live broadcast in the US, the broadcaster may have been suject to a massive $325k indecency fine as a result of recent legislation signed into effect by, you guessed it, G. W. himself. Maybe he knew the mic was on, after all, and was just trying to raise some cash.

While the news folks are busy hashing out this linguistic catastrophe, while the Parent’s Television Council is busy worrying about the dirty words their kids might hear while watching an endless stream of brutality on the idiot box – that is when they’re not playing über-violent video games – the rest of us can ponder this: Would it really be over if Hezbollah simply stopped doing their, um, stuff.



  1. Eric said,

    The blogs I read (the mainstream media is a joke) don’t give a damn about the Prez saying “shit” – they focus on the real matter – HE HAS NO IDEA WHAT HE’S TALKING ABOUT.

  2. Eric said,

    Interesting article on the subject by long time journalist Robert Scheer:

  3. chad said,

    When we are literally dealing with the WORST PRESIDENT OF ALL TIME what does this shit (pun intended) matter?

  4. Trilithon said,

    I disagree.

    I think Mr. Pease’s point here is how the mainstream media misdirects and chooses to report ridiculous topics over what is really at issue. I am sorry, but you don’t get to be president, republican or democrat or independant, by being stupid. Believe what you will, but if you believe the president is in any way misinformed, then you are.


  5. I have been blessed in my life with grandchildren at a fairly young age. If I don’t happen to get into a fatal accident or develop a fatal disease, someday I expect to have a heart-to-heart talk with my great-grandchildren. I will be able to say to them, with the greatest pride, “No kids, your great-granddaddy never, ever voted for George W. Bush!”

  6. Pat D. said,

    I am with henery rollins on this one…

    The president and his cronies would like to make you think he is dumb as he sounds but the truth is he may not speak well but his intentions and actions speak louder than his works. He has plenty of do as i say not as i do. futhermore most of our country men could careless as long as they have the right kind of chips to eat while watching cable news. The president is good at playing dumb, but lets be honest he has a damn good idea of what he is doing.

    The media will spin anything they can. Paris Hilton getting out of jail got more air time than the war. There is something inherenlty wrong with that. Tomas Pain and other great men who had great faith in this country and it’s men and women ould be rolling over in the grave if they could see what the men of power have done to this great country .

    My rant and feelings aside, more americans need to turn off cnn and fox news and start reading books and digging deep to find what our forfather stood for.

    Greg keep smoking and thinking. Its people like us who read between the lines and find the truth.


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