Tuesday, 18 July, 2006

Formula for a Great Bike Ride

Posted in Biking, Cigars, Coffee!, The Good Life at 2:07 pm by glpease

It’s really quite simple. Get out on the bike, and ride. No distance is too long or too short, just be sure to work a little, get good and sweaty and breathe hard. Get that heart pumping and clear those lungs out. Ten miles is a good start. Go into the hills, or stay on flat surfaces. On roads, on trails, or gonzo single-tracking in serious dirt – it makes no difference. Have fun.

When you return home, while you’re cooling off, brew a small French press of strong coffee. Today, it’s a wonderful Nicaraguan medium dark roast that I picked up at Trader Joe’s, of all places. (It’s surprisingly good. At least, this batch is. I have no idea how consistent their coffees are.) Put two or three scoops of vanilla ice cream in a pint glass (a proper Imperial pint glass if you have one, though the stingy 16-oz colonial version will do in a pinch), and add some ice. Pour the coffee over the top, and stir until it’s cold, cold, cold. Add more ice if necessary, and milk if desired.

Grab a great small cigar – this one is a Hoyo de Monterrey Margarita, a little 5.3″ x 28 beauty that’s been gracefully aging in my humidor for several years – I bought a couple hundred on some ridiculously cheap price when they were changing packaging. Light up, sit back, sip iced coffee and enjoy.

See? I told you it was simple.


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  1. Digital Alan said,

    I never thought of having my coffee that way. But I have to admit I did try this today and Wow.
    I went out and bought a pint of some good cream made ice cream from a local creamery (www.HandelsIceCream.com) but before that I had to stop at the Cigar Store and pick up a Punch.

    i happen to have a few imperial pint glasses around and performed what you stated above and it was wonderful. Well I used my AeroPress to make my coffee and used shaved ice. But basically the same concept.

    What a nice treat as I sit and catch up on a few blog sites while listening to some nice jazz on the xm radio. Hmmm – I wish I could do this every afternoon.

    BTW I only found your link thru one of my other favorite blogs – SearchingForAcadia

    Alan – http://www.MerlinsTower.com

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