Thursday, 6 July, 2006

A Blog from GLPease?

Posted in Uncategorized at 6:36 pm by glpease


Everybody else is doing it. While the Briar & Leaf Chronicles serves as a good parking place for more in-depth musings, this will be more of a random collection of notions, observations, thoughts on pipes, tobaccos, cigars, and probably a little political ranting. That is, if the blog host isn’t part of the anti-tobacco lobby, and they don’t shut me down before I get started…

I’ll probably put some pictures here, now and again. Of course, for the latest news, I’ll still keep the news page alive. I’ll have to do a little poking about to see if the blog can be fed through RSS, or, maybe that just happens automagically if you link to this page in your aggregator….



  1. Nice BLC piece on coffee and espresso! I’ve enjoyed your previous posts on food, so I would encourage you to carve out a little blog category for matters culinary, if the mood should seize you.

  2. glpease said,

    A great idea, Jason. See the next entry. 😉

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