Wednesday, 25 July, 2007

Curiously Strong Brand Identity

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The other day, I was compelled to pick up a couple tins of the Original Celebrated Altoids, the Curiously Strong peppermints that have been an almost constant fixture in my house since I was a lad. I can easily remember the first time I popped three of the little lozenges into my eagerly waiting gob, and thought my head would leave my neck, and rocket into orbit from the rsulting blast of curiously strong peppermint multiplied by three. Lesson learned. Even a single Altoid was intense enough to make the senses take serious notice. Peppermint isn’t a match for capsaicin for a pure incendiary wallop, but it freshens the mouth, settles an upset stomach, and can be pleasantly refreshing. Altoids did their job with aplomb, if not a bomb. Read the rest of this entry »


Thursday, 7 June, 2007

Guerrilla Sales

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It’s been quite a while since my last entry. It’s not that I’ve had nothing to say, though there have been many days when I felt that to be the case. It’s not that I’m really that lazy, or just couldn’t bring myself to overcome inertia long enough to tap out a few hundred words. It’s not that I’ve been so damn busy I haven’t had the time. It’s probably just that nothing has inspired me to write, at least here. Until today. There’s nothing like a good ire-in-the-making to get the juices flowing with enough force to move the mind and the fingers to tap-tap-tapping. Read the rest of this entry »

Saturday, 3 March, 2007

The World’s Best Bread Knife?

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It’s a bold claim, but I’ll stand by it. I’ve never been excited by bread knives, thinking them more of a necessary evil than something I’d ever really shout about. But the Shun Kershaw Pure Komachi 8″ Bread Knife is both a real mouthful and a real gem of a kitchen tool.

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Wednesday, 7 February, 2007

Confessions of a Collector

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Hello. My name is Greg, and I collect things. This is not, by any stretch of thought, a brag out of vanity, but rather, a simple confession, likely in vain. Collecting has become an addiction. If one is good, more than one is better, and many are better still. It’s more than a simple dysfunction. It’s like a retrovirus that has integrated itself permanently into my DNA, expressing itself at will by causing me to fill my world with stuff. So far, there seems to be no cure. Maybe I’ll try intervention. They say confession is good for the soul, but I can probably figure out a way to collect those, too, written on the backs of envelopes and scraps of paper that will be filed in one of the many shoe boxes I’ve collected for just such a purpose.

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Friday, 1 December, 2006

The Fireclown

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Several years ago – could it be over a decade? – I was eating with some friends at one of the local Indian restaurants that I’d become quite fond of. I’d come to know the people there, and there were often tasty treats available to their friends that were not on the menu. Most of us were willing to put our culinary fates into the hands of our waiter. As there were about half a dozen of us that evening, an excellent feast was promised, and I had little doubt it would be delivered. Read the rest of this entry »

Tuesday, 14 November, 2006

It’s All Fiction, Anyway…

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The other day I attended a truly great party. Why the qualifying language? Too many parties lately seem to be little more than a mind-numbing gathering of narcissists with little better to do than try to impress each other with their most recent accomplishments, or rapacious pseudo-raconteurs obsessed with their recent acquisitions. I guess I don’t get invited to the right parties often. Maybe this says something about me, but never mind that. This one was actually fun. Good folks, good food, good wine, and some interesting conversation. Read the rest of this entry »

Tuesday, 7 November, 2006

The Polling Booth and the Propagandists

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Today is election day. I couldn’t happier. It’s not that I’m all that excited about the choices, but the daily postbox full of idiot spawned propaganda will finally cease. Read the rest of this entry »

Wednesday, 11 October, 2006

Mind Blowing Chiles

Posted in Culinaria at 12:59 pm by glpease

“When the results of the heat tests came back I was gobsmacked.” No pun intended, I’m sure. These words were spoken by Mrs. Joy Michaud of Dorset, England, as quoted from an article in the Times OnlIne. She and her husband Michael run a business called “Peppers by Post,” and have spent four years developing a chile called the Dorset Naga, apparently a cultivar of the Capsicum chinense, and at over 900,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU), now the record holder for the world’s hottest chile, besting the previous record of a skimpy 577k SHU, previously held by the Red Savina, a variety of the Habañero. Read the rest of this entry »

Tuesday, 26 September, 2006

Setting the Bar

Posted in Biking, Philosophical Drifting at 12:04 pm by glpease

There’s a hill I’ve been trying to ride up all summer. It’s not a long hill – only a couple hundred meters or so. It starts out gently enough, and gradually becomes steeper, to the point where the grade is sufficient that the delicate balancing act of keeping the front wheel on the ground, while still maintaining enough weight back to drive the rear wheel takes all of my attention, and I just haven’t had enough leg-power to keep going, even if I could find that balance. Read the rest of this entry »

Friday, 15 September, 2006

Idiot Lights

Posted in Automotive at 1:13 pm by glpease

The dash of my GTi is not unlike the dash of most of today’s cars. It is populated by a limited number of actual instruments, speedometer and tach, and a byzantine array of iconic indicator lights, most of which, you’d rather not see illuminated once under way. One of them looks like a little battery, complete with a + and – terminal. It is there, supposedly, to tell you when there’s something wrong with the electricity. I’ll get back to that one in a bit. Read the rest of this entry »

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